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Those red and orange DOT code on this B2E Forum. What are those 2 colored DOT code means ? I know that disappeared DOT code is "already read by me". p.s. finally the "Save for Community" button's color is now STEEL BLUE ... Yippee… More »

Aug 05, 2015 10:53  
They mean that the given post can only be viewed by community members, that means: anyone that is logged in with a username and password. So it doesn't change much for you. But it excludes Googlebot from seeing those posts. This is designed to make th… More »

Nov 27, 2012 06:11  
I have domain and hosting space in godaddy and I have downloaded two blogs from b2ev... I need your assistance to upload your blog to my hosting space and launch it to the public. Awaiting your replay. I have done huge research on how to add your skin… More »

May 04, 2013 00:16  
Hi, I just updated my forum to the 5.0 beta few days ago. Everything worked fine for some days, but today I get this message when trying to access to the blog ( : This is b2evolution version 4.1.6. You cannot use the applicatio… More »

Apr 09, 2013 18:43  
Francois, please add me and tilqicom to the admins group so we could kill spammers effectively. I know you can now delete a user and all his spam posts with one click, that would help a lot since we get tons of forum spam these days. For now I can't… More »

Nov 28, 2012 10:53  
If you are logged in, you can see something like this under each reply in the forums: By clicking on helpful / not helpful you give feedback to the author about his reply. Positive feedback will also be added and displayed as part of the user reputati… More »

Dec 05, 2012 21:43  

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