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1 Dec 31, 2023 15:13    

New Installation Multible Problems

The install always stops with this error's if i try to use some demo data and users.
only if i install without anything the install works.
but then the login is not working.
with the hash salt problem.

the database was created with utf8mb3_general_ci
the server ist running with an letsencrypt cert.

has someone an idea what's the problem is ?


New Installation Multible Problems
New Installation Multible Problems
New Installation Multible Problems

2 Dec 31, 2023 19:11

Just to say hi and will think about your issue.

As you are using letsencrypt is this your own server?

Please read the post, which details info you could provide as a basis though you provide quite a bit :)

I will install a fresh 7.2.5 blog on my site to see how it all goes

3 Dec 31, 2023 19:18

Exact b2evolution version :7.2.5-stable
Exact PHP version :7.4.33
MySQL/MariaDB version :11.2.2-MariaDB-1:11.2.2+maria~deb12

yes is my own debian 12 install

on ten same server also an update version is running.

an parallel i am trying to set up a new installation that owuld replace the old one sometimes in the furue.

the install finished when i set no demo data ...
but then i am unable to login with the admin account with the nice errror from abouth.

4 Dec 31, 2023 19:21

Sorry I edited my reply as I saw most of the detail.

I note you have a b2evo site

Sadly I'm very busy for some days, so ??

5 Dec 31, 2023 19:28

no need for hurry. but its cracy by the way i have updated my production db to utf8mb4 for thsi change i had to change
varchar to text but its working great as you can see.

6 Jan 02, 2024 14:05

so now i think i found out why the login problem the 2 b2evo installs share the same cookie name b2evo so the salt from the on install is different from the other so i had to differentiate the 2 installs by changing this in _advanced.php.

 * Short name of this system (will be used for cookies and notification emails).
 * Change this only if you install mutliple b2evolution instances on the same server or same domain.
 * WARNING: don't play with this or you'll have tons of cookies sent away and your users will have issues!
 * @global string Default: 'b2evo'
$instance_name = 'blog2evo'; // MUST BE A SINGLE WORD! NO SPACES!!

7 Jan 02, 2024 22:49

OK That's useful info. I'll get around to trying that sometime.

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