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1 Jun 16, 2023 12:38    

my RSS Feed does not sort in order of latest posts, but in the sort order customized for "all" (sort order of start page).
Does anyone know where and how to hack codes to change sort order for rss?

Thanks in advance and regards, Will

2 Jun 17, 2023 10:06

  1. Never used RSS but will have a look . . . .
  1. Start with the /skins/_rss2 maybe to see what is 'pulls' in and from where etc.
  1. Seems to use /xmlsrv/ where there is
    rss.php and rss2.php . . . which do very little it seems

Nope I didn't find anything there :(

So is that the output you get is in the same order as 'any' and all other skins use and hence the order of listing has to make an exception for RSS?

So is this RSS looking at your own feeds or those of incoming third parties

3 Jun 21, 2023 16:22

Hello @amoun,
thanks for your reply.

I think this is part of core b2e. It seems that RSS Feeds (also ATOM) follow the sorting order of the startpage.
I found a workaround: There is a way to build an RSS Feed to special Categories.
Now I list every new post also in a category named "Newest Posts" and built an RSS Feed of this Category. That works.

Hope you are well. And again, thank you for taking care of this forum so consistently and helpfully!

Regards, Will

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