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1 Dec 17, 2019 03:10    

Hi all,
After spending years using WordPress, wanted to find something else. So currently trying out b2evo.
After doing my install I have a few questions, which I haven't been able to find answers for:

    How do I put custom text on the 'Home' screen? I'm assuming I'd have to modify the Style? How do I turn off the 'Our Awesome Team'? Instead of having my URL being: can it be reconfigured to be just ?

I might have more questions later, but this will get me started,

2 Dec 17, 2019 18:57

Hi @playboxtech

Saw your post earlier but didn't want to get involved, distracted from other work, so appologies and welcome.

The Home screen has containers which can have widgets and posts etc. so it depends where you want what to be displayed.
Collection >Features > Front page

The Awesome Team is a widget, that can be disabled or removed, that can have vartiable data.

Collection > Settings > URLs

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