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1 Jan 03, 2018 13:01    

Hi Not version specific as it's happen for as long as I can remember. Using Simple Zen skin

The problem is that when I click on a number in the paginated list for comments I get posts page with the comment added but I have to scroll to get to the comment, which can be a way on a long post.

Shouldn't the link, i.e. comment number take me to the comment directly.

From source the comment is identified by <a id="c211"></a> and the link doesn't reflect that

May be something wrong with my URL setup as the permalink just goes to the post without concern for the comment.

2 Jan 07, 2018 22:07

@amoun I'm trying to register at your site in order to take a look to the comments, but the register form keeps showing "wrong answer" all the time. I made sure to write only correct case vowels in the security question, but nothing. Maybe I'm a kind of robot and didn't know :D

3 Jan 09, 2018 19:28

IGNORE This post and GOTO

Ha! So it does ??
Maybe the old Turing Test plugin made by EdB, all those years ago, is not up to handling this modern version :)
Ok I've removed my block on showing comments so you should be able to see the problem.
I know my pagination is unusual as I show only one comment at a time.
1) Try which has 24 comments

EDITED 1st Dec 2018
1) Deleted above as post has moved
2) See new post on this issue ::

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