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1 Nov 30, 2018 12:22    

URL's to comments can't cope with comment other than page 1 of comments

Permalink above reads

Hi On my modified simple_zen skin and on 6.10.4 version of the business skin, for clarification, I have a problem with linking to comments that are not on the first page of comments.
For example I have comments paged: Page 1 is (#103, #104, #176) :: Page 2 is (#251,#253, #296) will work as will any of the three in the first Paged set but doesn't work along with (#253, #296)

If I increase the number of comments, for this example to 6 or more then all links work.

Not sure if this is designed a bit iffy, a bug or my poor management. Does anyone else see this problem on their site


If it's not a user error or a bug as in failure of code but a design issue then I suppose the page number will have to incorporated in the URL basically the permalinks don't work in these situations.

Just thinking :: Will put a comment list in the side bar and see if the URL's there work

2 Dec 01, 2018 22:11

Put a comment list in the side bar and the same happens.
The comments are Paged at 3 per page

I added a third and fourth comment to my Mice Office post and the two new comments appear in the list.

The third one link works but the fourth doesn't and of course the second one posted days ago works.

Leaving test comments on site until I get some response and confirmation of the problem


The mice really are not happy :( well not all of the time

3 Dec 02, 2018 00:12

I think this is the same problem I posted about before @

Then each comment was Paged i.e. i comment per page, so I didn't quite twig it was that permalinks couldn't go beyond paging as it happened on every link, as the first comment always showed.

4 Dec 04, 2018 01:05

Someone once thought it was a good idea to add paged comments but never implemented it fully...

It's a PITA because when there are new comments or deleted spam comments, the pages numbers for ALL comments change.

5 Dec 04, 2018 09:40

OK :) I'll think on that thanks

6 Dec 05, 2018 13:07

NOTE Post #2 above is no use now as I the comment list has changed.

1) Am i correct in that permalinks don't work for comments other than of the the first Paged set? Why can they not be accessed in a similar way to posts as they have a comment_ID?

2) A problem with the URL for example:
Here is the link as presented by the Page number link in the Comment section header.

2a) The three below are just truncated versions of the previous one, which all work the same, so why the complexity above?

All the above link to the post and bring up the second page of comments but do not scroll to the second page and just starts at the top of a long post.

I have tried unsuccessfully to scroll for example, as below, with no luck, it produces the same result as all the above.

3) Any ideas as I image once the comment can be scrolled to, the permalink URLs can also be modified so that they work.

Addendum 1

I set the front page to disp=comments which works but of course the permalinks only work if the comment is in the first page of comments

and if I type then I get the comment but not with the post etc.

Must be some way of working this :)

[b}Addendum 2[/b]

Ok My attempt


Just need to get the permalinks to reflect that.

At least I can manually link to any comment :)

7 Dec 05, 2018 20:34

Ok back to the begining

The full and original url for a page is, for example:

Which brings up the post, with the comments but does not scroll as there is no anchor #comments

will work.

Job 1) to find why there is no anchor
Maybe this is just a skin issue as I have an anchor [feedback_block]
does work and scrolls to comments.
Maybe a mix of skin and skin fallbacks ??
Job 2) to amend permalink

8 Dec 05, 2018 21:01

OK one problem solved.
There was a line commented out in []

		echo '<a id="comments"></a>';

Restored that and the first, url, and the others in #6 above work fine
works fine

Sorry for using you all as a sounding board, but if it wasn't for the ability to post here I wouldn't persevere
Thank again everyone

Just the problem of scrolling to the comment permalinks and not just the page. :)

10 Dec 12, 2018 09:40

@yurabakhtin wrote earlier:

@amoun What file do you mean? I see we the code echo '&lt;a id=&quot;comments&quot;&gt;&lt;/a&gt;'; in the files:

Or do you mean the file from folder of your specific skin?

Apologies for lack of clarity - my post#8 didn't clarify it is my skin file not the defaults.
Not a b2evo issue but a user/mod issue Ooops!

11 Dec 12, 2018 10:47

So the remaining problem is the permalinks don't work other than for the first page of comments.

Comments are accessed by id as in the permalinks, but permalinks don't use a variable page number. So if the comment is on page two or more then the permalinks won't work hence no ability to scroll to a comment' on any other page than page 1 as the url is the permalink value.

12 Dec 13, 2018 01:52

As explained above, there is no trivial fix. You should consider "paged comments" as an experimental feature. It is bad on many levels. Worst of all being that it generates duplicated content (the post) on every comments page. Very bad for SEO.

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