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1 Mar 02, 2019 12:55    

Checking my site for a post that had mentioned a badger, I came across three, all at 100%. So I checked out one of them, the last item, to find I had typed in badger when I meant beaver, so I corrected it.

Back to search for badger and now the one I edited comes out top. OK so the fact of editing gives it a higher priority, now the other posts are 75%.

I check the post again and find another badger that should be beaver, so edit and search again and now it's still top and the others are 50%.

What? another badger?

Ok I get it there must be another badger in the woods, so off a hunting I go, and lo and behold I find a badger which I transform to a beaver.

Back to search :: now still at the top and the others are 33%

OK here's the problem now. There are no badgers left in the fields but it is still at the top of the search list, so where is the badger hiding.

2 Mar 02, 2019 13:09

Ok I found the elusive badger, hiding underground in it's den.

Intrepidly I copied the four pages of the post to Notepad++ and did a search. It was hiding in the alt property of the img tag. There it was alt="badger gnawings".

So the search is pretty effective in finding but not explaining where it is located. So a mis-type in a tag property can bring up a post that appears to have no relevance??

I was/am working on a script that rather than show an extract of the post wherein lies the searched for item, will show the item or items. I thought how difficult can it be? Once the search function finds the post, search the result [post(string)] for the item, use the strpos to note the item and then echo two spaces and words before and then some after. Hmm! any input on this idea??

PS my search now shows only two badger related posts, both now at 100% again.

3 Mar 05, 2019 22:44

Not a direct reply but still sort of related: all the priorities used in the computation will be editable in v6.11.0

4 Mar 05, 2019 23:09

Ok Thanks. Will see how that plays out :)

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