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1 Oct 24, 2019 00:33    

I have been informed that these php extensions are no longer needed and are not stable. As it was told to me, their functionality is built in to php 7.2+.

Are there any opinions on this in b2evo 6.11.3?


3 Oct 24, 2019 23:26

It is clear that theses extensions are deprecated in php 7.3. It is less clear that they are stable in 7.2 or 7.1. The question is, are they truly functional and/useful in b2evo 6.11.3 and 7.0.1. There is some evidence that loading both installed in 7.2 produces non-fatal conflicts that can affect throughput. IMHO, neither of them were created with php 7.3 in mind and therefore the recommendation for their use is questionable.

@amoun, I am grateful that you took time for this matter. I am going to stop chasing my tail with regards to this issue.

5 Oct 27, 2019 23:35

The opcode part of APC is built into PHP 7. APCu is NOT built in and is still very much recommended for best performance, even with PHP 7.3.

The built in APC only does opcode caching.
APCu does user data caching.

The "u" is a very important distinction.

6 Oct 28, 2019 02:24

Thanks for that advice. Bluehost once again has failed to be cooperative. Does b2evo 6.11.3 need backward comparability (APCu-BC) ?

For others that may read this string. I found this explanation,
"APCu is the official replacement for the outdated APC extension. APC provided both opcode caching (opcache) and object caching. As PHP versions 5.5 and above include their own opcache, APC was no longer compatible, and its opcache functionality became useless. The developers of APC then created APCu, which offers only the object caching functionality (they removed the outdated opcache)."

7 Oct 31, 2019 15:02

ALL versions of b2evolution work faster if they can benefit from the services of APCu.

8 Oct 31, 2019 16:40

Thanks for that opinion (fact)-I consider this discussion ended

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