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1 Oct 10, 2019 15:57    

I have an older blog which I am upgrading from a 2.x series to the current stable 6.11.3 series using the upgrade procedure given online.

Process: I backed up the database, then manually deleted all of the old base /b2evolution/ files except media/ , conf/_basic_config.php, and skins/your_custom_skin_folders.

I downloaded and unzipped the new version, and ftp uploaded them to the b2evolution/ base folder. I then ran the installer.

I got two persistent error messages and took screenshots of the full messages. The abbreviated version errors are:

1.) "Preparing to install /.htaccess in the base folder... (Force=no)
"Failed to copy sample.htaccess to test folder! "

I then manually copied sample.htaccess from b2evolution/ to test/ , though the error persists.

2.) Received the following messages:

Upgrading data in existing b2evolution database...
Loading module: _core/model/__core.install.php
Loading module: collections/model/_collections.install.php
Loading module: polls/model/_polls.install.php
Loading module: files/model/_files.install.php
Loading module: sessions/model/_sessions.install.php
Loading module: messaging/model/_messaging.install.php
Loading module: maintenance/model/_maintenance.install.php

Checking DB schema version... 9700 : OK.
Upgrading blogs table... OK.
Upgrading items table...

An unexpected error has occurred!

If this error persists, please report it to the administrator.

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Additional information about this error:

MySQL error!

Duplicate column name 'post_titletag'(Errno=1060)

Your query:

ALTER TABLE evo_items__item

CHANGE COLUMN post_urltitle post_urltitle VARCHAR(210) NULL DEFAULT NULL,

CHANGE COLUMN post_order post_order DOUBLE NULL,

ADD COLUMN post_titletag VARCHAR(255) NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER post_urltitle,

ADD COLUMN post_double1 DOUBLE NULL COMMENT 'Custom double value 1' AFTER post_priority,

ADD COLUMN post_double2 DOUBLE NULL COMMENT 'Custom double value 2' AFTER post_double1,

ADD COLUMN post_double3 DOUBLE NULL COMMENT 'Custom double value 3' AFTER post_double2,

ADD COLUMN post_double4 DOUBLE NULL COMMENT 'Custom double value 4' AFTER post_double3,

ADD COLUMN post_double5 DOUBLE NULL COMMENT 'Custom double value 5' AFTER post_double4,

ADD COLUMN post_varchar1 VARCHAR(255) NULL COMMENT 'Custom varchar value 1' AFTER post_double5,

ADD COLUMN post_varchar2 VARCHAR(255) NULL COMMENT 'Custom varchar value 2' AFTER post_varchar1,

ADD COLUMN post_varchar3 VARCHAR(255) NULL COMMENT 'Custom varchar value 3' AFTER post_varchar2

Again, thank you for any help you can give for completing this upgrade.

2 Oct 11, 2019 21:22

Hi vtsr

With such an old database ??
I would be tempted to delete all the tables in the database before I invoked the install procedure. This would let me know that I have version of 6.11.3 working.

3 Nov 01, 2019 00:03

@vtsr we can investigate this but we need to know the EXACY version number you are starting with. 2.x is too vague.

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