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PHP opcode cache recomends APC, but PHP said the extension is "considered dead"

Started by on Oct 15, 2019 – Contents updated: Dec 03, 2019

Oct 15, 2019 09:50    

PHP opcode cache recomends APC, but PHP said the extension is "considered dead"

I was trying to set up PHP opcode cache. I cannot find any instructions.

PHP recommends OPcache, APCu, Windows Cache for PHP and the Session Upload Progress API.

I'm lost.

Any suggestions on how to get cache up, or should I just ignore error:

Using an opcode cache allows all your PHP scripts to run faster by caching a "compiled" (opcode) version of the scripts instead of recompiling everything at every page load. Several opcode caches are available. We recommend APC (which is included with PHP starting from PHP 7).
PHP user cache

Using an user cache allows b2evolution to store some cached data (Block Cache) in memory instead of regenerated the blocks at each page load. Several user caches are available. We recommend APCu (which needs to be enabled separately from APC, starting from PHP 7).

The error comes up from Systems, Status page.



Oct 16, 2019 00:26

I have both extensions running on php 7.2.17. The extensions were bundled with that version.
The caveat is that my development server is a windows IIS machine.
I.e. it is not dead but you have to have a php.ini file that loads the extension. To do that you have to know the path extensions.

I have the same problem that you have on my production server but the php version is 7.3.10 -
The host ts&d says they are not available on that version (they are included). But b2evo does not find them and gives that same message.

I wish a php guru would join this discussion.

Nov 01, 2019 00:01


The following frequent issues seem to apply to your support request: (This is a semi-automated response):

  • You did not provide the Name / URL of your webhost (as requested for support + we want to catalog common hosts vs commons issues)

Nov 01, 2019 02:22

Sorry! Don't know why that link was in there. The problem is always Bluehost

Nov 01, 2019 14:28

we'll have to check the code and see if bluehost really was able to disable APC :/

Nov 08, 2019 19:49

It is no longer an issue for me because I dumped Bluehost and went to A2hosting. All the issues that I have raised disappeared. I understand that your point of view is different than mine. You need web hosts for the future of b2evo and for that reason you need to resolve this. I still have an account at Bluehost and if you need to set up a test site, I will help. I love b2evo and if I can be of use let me know. I would suggest a back channel for this.

Nov 13, 2019 19:06

@jjthomas Bluehost agrees with (not on shared hosting) and this requires a considerable increase in costs. I moved my sites to and have these extensions activated on their Turbo plan, at less costs. They are also decidedly faster as well. This is a no-brainer for me.

Nov 14, 2019 06:46

I'm not sure why setting up a cache would be costly.

There are too many variables to change a host over speed. One day my packets could go directly (not that the would really happen) to my host. The next day, the packets go via LA, NY, Nevada, Singapore and finally to my host. In so far as server response, with any shard hosting, i could end up sharing a server with If it gets bad, I can always ask my hosting provider to move me to another server. I think they do it anyway.

I've been with KnownHost for almost 13 years. I'm not going anywhere. :)


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