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1 Apr 19, 2020 21:19    


my hoster changed the server and after that I upgraded to 7.1.4

DB is okay, all is fine. After that I got this failure what can I do to make it running?
(12345 is my real name on the server, so I have masked it).
(I don't know the exakt version of the MariaDB - but the installer said it is okay)

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function finfo_open() in /home/12345/public_html/blogs/inc/files/model/_file.funcs.php:374 Stack trace: #0 /home/12345/public_html/blogs/inc/files/model/_file.funcs.php(400): is_image_file('/home/12345/pu...') #1 /home/12345/public_html/blogs/inc/files/model/_file.class.php(1019): imgsize('/home/12345/pu...', 'widthheight') #2 /home/12345/public_html/blogs/inc/files/model/_file.class.php(1037): File->load_lastmod_ts() #3 /home/12345/public_html/blogs/inc/files/model/_file.class.php(2492): File->get_lastmod_ts() #4 /home/12345/public_html/blogs/inc/files/model/_file.class.php(2698): File->get_thumb_url('crop-top-32x32', '&', 1) #5 /home/12345/public_html/blogs/inc/files/model/_file.class.php(2551): File->get_img_attribs('crop-top-32x32', '', NULL, 1, NULL) #6 /home/12345/public_html/blogs/inc/users/model/_user.class.php(5239): File->get_thumb_imgtag('crop-top-32x32', '', 'left', '', NULL) #7 /home/12345/public_html/blogs/inc/_core/__core.init.php(2069): User->get_av in /home/12345/public_html/blogs/inc/files/model/_file.funcs.php on line 374

3 Apr 20, 2020 11:13

@mikes wrote earlier:

Whats your php version?

At the moment 7.3.16 - but I tried too with 7.2.x and will get the same error.

6 Apr 20, 2020 23:17

Hi @ednong

Have you asked your host if [finfo_open()] is enabled?

8 Apr 21, 2020 23:23

thank you for your replies.

I will try it tomorrow. And i will write here then...

9 Apr 28, 2020 17:20


now it works.

fifo open was not activated, so it could not works. Now the hoste has activated it - and the blog is running!

Thanks for your help.

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