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1 Jan 20, 2020 14:26    

I am trying to install b2evolution 6.11.4 using Docker.

I use NGINX 1.17.7 and PHP-FPM 7.4.1

I get this error message on the INSTALL page aleady:

Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in /srv/www/htdocs/vhost1/inc/_core/_param.funcs.php on line 2225

Is PHP 7.4 supported?

2 Jan 21, 2020 02:40

Apparently it is not yet supported :]

we'll fix that.

3 Jan 21, 2020 02:48

short term you can hide "deprecated functions" error messages in .htaccess

4 Jan 21, 2020 11:15

O.k. - Thanks.

I thought so already. Tried with PHP 7.2 and the error disappeared.

5 Feb 04, 2020 11:50

To get the latest version of b2 running under Apache/PHP7.4.1 -

I changed the get_magic_quotes call to false (it’s my stuff, it’s okay)

I also replaced several $arr{} with $arr[]

Had to change the MySQL server from localhost to, but that may not be necessary

Sorry for not forking, etc

7 May 21, 2021 04:18


It appears that you can replace the inc/_core/_param.funcs.php in the b2evo 6.1.7 with the same filename in b2evo 7,2.3. This error occured when I attempted to update from php 7.2 to the last version of php 7.4.19

This seems to work and I've noticed no errors in doing this. Also, I tried to get be2evo 7.2.3 on php 8.0.6 and produced so many errors that it seem to be prudent to fall back to php 7.4. That experiment is still under construction :-) Thanks for your reply

8 May 26, 2021 20:05

I'm running 7.2.3 on php 7.1.16 and like you php 8 was a problem but haven't given up ~ I'm just busy :)

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