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1 Jan 20, 2020 14:26    

I am trying to install b2evolution 6.11.4 using Docker.

I use NGINX 1.17.7 and PHP-FPM 7.4.1

I get this error message on the INSTALL page aleady:

Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in /srv/www/htdocs/vhost1/inc/_core/_param.funcs.php on line 2225

Is PHP 7.4 supported?

2 Jan 21, 2020 02:40

Apparently it is not yet supported :]

we'll fix that.

3 Jan 21, 2020 02:48

short term you can hide "deprecated functions" error messages in .htaccess

4 Jan 21, 2020 11:15

O.k. - Thanks.

I thought so already. Tried with PHP 7.2 and the error disappeared.

5 Feb 04, 2020 11:50

To get the latest version of b2 running under Apache/PHP7.4.1 -

I changed the get_magic_quotes call to false (it’s my stuff, it’s okay)

I also replaced several $arr{} with $arr[]

Had to change the MySQL server from localhost to, but that may not be necessary

Sorry for not forking, etc

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