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1 May 17, 2015 14:29    

I am a new user to this blogging platform and I have run into an issue I'd like to report - if this is the right location. I am using 5.2.2-stable released on 02/21/15 of this software.

I cannot add an attachment to this topic so i will reply, which allows me to add the attachment

2 May 17, 2015 14:34

If you look at the attached screenshot you will see the error I get when I open the webpage that my blog in on. I have the blog embedded in an iframe and when I click on the Blog link at the top of left of the frame the blog opens up correctly.I have two questions, is this fault repairable or a consequence of having the blog embedded in an iframe? Secondly can I link directly to the Blog rather than have that 'This SIte' option appear?

The link to the site is

3 May 18, 2015 08:20

Hi @jmcgerr,

I think that error has nothing to do with the iframe, can you please give us more details about how to reproduce it? I'm not able to do so.

The "This site" link is part of the "Site skins" feature that let you set a common header and footer for all the collections of you site, and you can disable it in the back-office. More information can be found here:


4 May 18, 2015 21:18

When I would go to the Blog page from the menu this message would pop-up. As to how to re-create I could not say. Anyway it seems to have vanished - originally the Blog page was accessed via a drop down menu - I made the page a top level menu but when I go to the page now the blog opens into a new page, like an external site - the add-on I used to add the iframe in Concrete5 doesn't offer a target, just a URL that must be part of my site, so I use - which worked fine (staying within the frame) but now it has stopped doing this.
I have now recreated the page as a sub-menu and now its back working and that error no longer appears. Sorry to waste your time

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