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1 Mar 18, 2018 12:53    

Hey, I'm looking to create a subtitle on a post, in html I'd do </br><small>subtitle</small>. The Title line doesn't allow for html.

Is there a way to do this, perhaps a subtitle element I can tell b2evo to make available on my new post or post edit page?

2 Mar 18, 2018 14:39

You don't say which version or skin you are using, which would be helpful, if not essential. You could also show a screen shot of what you want even if it is an edited image where you added text.

Text (a sub-title) can be added to the post with a class and placed and format as you like.

You may like to see a similar query I made some time ago


It is possible to hack the code so that you are presented with an extra input when you go to create a new post, but whether that is a feature to be at the core is another matter?? This would require an addition to the database to store the info. I think the only place formatting is stored is in the post data, so I'm not sure there will be a lot of support to make a new table with 'formatted' entries. The problem is that multiple formats maybe required as people may want for colours, different fonts etc. It would be like a mini post, a whole new feature.


The restriction on the 'Title' can be relaxed as explained in reply #4 in the link above, but this only allows bold text. You will have to further modify to allow a break, which will no doubt make other alignments necessary if you want the date etc to be place specifically.

3 Apr 03, 2018 00:04

You could adda custom field to your post type and render that custom field wherever you want in your skin.

4 Apr 03, 2018 11:34

Thanks Francois. I'm trying out a custom field, which placed the output below the post, which it only does in single post, in the display all I get is two forward slashes in front of the Feedback link. I'm not that bothered as I'm only checking out the custom field option which I have never used. Anyway it may just be my modified zen skin. ??

Do you mean by 'rendering' to display it elsewhere by adjusting something in [my&%*%skin/]. I would probably Inspect for it's css class and position it that way.

5 Apr 03, 2018 12:16

Update to my last post.
The two forward slashes are there after I removed the custom field so they may have been there before and i didn't notice ?? so will check that out and confirm if it's nought to do with adding a field.

Otherwise there is still the fact that the field 'brief' does not show on the 'main' disp.

6 Apr 05, 2018 23:45

If you want the custom field anywhere else, you need to edit the skin templates.

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