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Disable multiple email address

Started by on Apr 03, 2018 – Contents updated: Apr 06, 2018

Apr 03, 2018 16:54    


I using version 6.9.7 and I like to now is there some option to disable users to register whit same email address two times

Apr 05, 2018 23:39

In 6.10 we have a feature do find duplicates.

Do you want to act on duplicates or do you want to forbid registering a second time when the user can't figure out his password? (or forgot that he already registered sometime a long time ago...)

Apr 05, 2018 23:57

I like to forbidden user to register two times whit same email address. Because if user is forgot password it can reset it, I think that two accounts whit same email address has make no sense.

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