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1 Nov 27, 2018 20:54    

Can someone update me on the real deal with smilies aka smileys aka emoticons?

A lot of old posts refer to a separate plug-in:

But that very page as well as other pages mention that it's since been integrated into b2evolution natively.

Well, I have no smilies tool on my WYSIWYG toolbar and I can't find any built-in plugin or other setting in the dashboard for enabling this. :(

At the risk of being dense, can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

2 Nov 27, 2018 22:39

There still is a smilies plugin that can be installed :)

Version 6.10.4
In your [/plugins/] folder you should have [_smilies.plugin.php]

Settings > Plugins > To manage your installed plugins go here. > Install New
Then configure > Plugin Settings > check > Use Smilies Toolbar

4 Nov 27, 2018 23:06

That worked, thanks!

(It'd be nice if the list of plugins you're given when you click [+Install New] only showed plug-ins that weren't already installed)

5 Nov 27, 2018 23:09

I think they are still evident as you can install more than one instance of each. For example the search can be in multiple places etc.

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