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1 Jan 07, 2018 10:10    

Hi thete, today i started the auto upgrade procedure but at the momento of unzip the file the script return this "Note: A non well formed numeric value encountered in /home/kazama82/public_html/jinkazama82it_igd/inc/_ext/pclzip/pclzip.lib.php on line 1846" I immediately stopped the procedure, it seems a not good note.

At the moment I've installed locally the 6.9.4 version and before today I never read that note.

2 Jan 07, 2018 12:29

This relates to the memory limit you have it seems

 // ----- Get 'memory_limit' configuration value
    $v_memory_limit = ini_get('memory_limit');
    $v_memory_limit = trim($v_memory_limit);
    $last = strtolower(substr($v_memory_limit, -1));

    if($last == 'g')
        //$v_memory_limit = $v_memory_limit*1024*1024*1024;
        $v_memory_limit = $v_memory_limit*1073741824;
    if($last == 'm')
        //$v_memory_limit = $v_memory_limit*1024*1024;
        $v_memory_limit = $v_memory_limit*1048576;
    if($last == 'k')
        $v_memory_limit = $v_memory_limit*1024;

You could check the code to see if it conforms to the above and your memory limit to ensure it is with acceptable parameters.

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