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1 Jan 08, 2018 05:16    

If I download the 6.9.6 zip file and extract to my PC, all is well. If I upload the zip file to my site server and extract through cPanel file manager, the package is incomplete. I initially struck this error using the auto-upgrade feature, but then uploaded through file manager (not through auto-upgrade) and extracted to test. By both processes, I get only /htsrv, /inc, /install, /locales, /skins_email, and favicon ico.

3 Jan 08, 2018 07:45

I have just downloaded the file for the fourth time, uploaded to the site server using cPanel file manager upload, and extracted the zip file. I get the same result as before: all directories present when unzipped on my PC, only some when the same zip file is extracted on the server. This is the result I first got using the auto-upgrade function - it loaded the zip file to the server, and when I went to the unzip stage, it threw an error - '/conf/_application.php does not exist' - and it didn't, because the file extraction did not work fully.

It is not a matter of hidden files on the server, as the auto-upgrade process did not find the file, or the directory.

I have now uploaded the same zip file to another server, and it unzips Ok. Think I'll go and have a drink. Thanks for your reply.

Next day. Um, problem solved. Disc full. Increase space, and everything is as it should be. Who would have thought?

4 Jan 09, 2018 18:44

Yeap! On earlier an earlier occasion I had the same problem with available space using the auto upgrade as it backed-up all the old versions.

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