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1 Feb 28, 2014 14:49    

Version 5.0.7 document root /elf Use links in right column URL Extra Path works fine document root /mast Use links in right column URL Relative doesn't work document root /vow Manual skin links in left column URL Extra Path works fine

Hi have read many times and as the stub files now have a dynamic path ($inc_path.) all is fine until I use a relative URL [] to get to a category or post.

If I use extra path on index [] all is ok, but in the relative URL [] all links default to []

Apologies if this is something simple but I've been trying to fix this for weeks.

Basically I want all categories and files just to be appended the domain, without the index.php

I have the first two set with extra path and the mast subdomain with the relative URL

I've been messing so much I'm a bit fuzzy, but I have the mast one working fine last night, ??????

2 28 Feb 2014 23:59


each subdomain folder has it's own index.php which is fine
Just the one that uses the relative URL will not pick up any files etc

3 01 Mar 2014 17:39

Another update:
Delete /index.php
With no /index.php I have to use Relative to baseURL which is fine as each sub domain has it's own index.php in it's base folder (base URL) so how can I access the single posts?

using a relative url is ok in that it allows a tidy url using the sub domain folder but I have to use parameters to access categories and files, the URL's of which are untidy.

Can I get the parameters to be tidy, just the category name and the post name, no more page and ???? marks etc.

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