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1 Jan 13, 2014 18:53    

I just uupgraded to 5.0.6-stable, but this problem may have existed before the upgrade.

I did the upgrade because it looked like there was no CSS formatting when I was in as admin.

Also, the menu bar at the top of the page appears as uncollapsed HTML now even after the upgrade.

I couldn't find any other posts about this kind of problem.

If someone could tell me what controls the admin menu that appears as a single line at the top of the page, I can see if I can troubleshoot what it going on and provide more information.

Screen shot:


2 Jan 14, 2014 19:05

Hi Chris

You probably have a problem with .htaccess file(s) in the root or in one or more folders.

I had a similar problem. I deactivated all .htaccess and checked if the site runs fine - than started to activating one by one.
You might also have to consider to clear your browser cache and the b2evolution system cache.

Hope that will help you.

3 Mar 05, 2014 06:43

Thanks for your help with this. I didn't think that could be the problem but was not able to find anything else to try.

I had many "deny from" lines in my htaccess and when I removed them the site started working as expected. I must have had a typo on one of the lines. For most sites that gives me a 500 error, but not with b2 I guess.

Thanks again!!!

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