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1 Nov 26, 2018 17:23    

So I have a question about the "toggle" graphic UI used in sections like the "Widget" tag of a collection, and the "Plugins" tab of a site.

From what I can tell, it's backwards and inconsistent. Example: I first went to the Widget tab of my collection. Looking at the toggle, I interpreted the slider to the right (colored background) as being "on/enabled" and slider to the left (white background" as being "off/disabled". This corresponded to the behavior on my site... when I clicked on the toggle for "Free social links" to move the slider to the left, the social links vanished from my site. When the dashboard page (Widget) refreshed, "Widget has been disabled." appeared on top. From this, the interpretation of the "hover" value is what will happen if you click on it... not the current state of the displayed toggle.

But now look at the "Plugins" tab of the site. The behavior is different... or at least, the state displayed is backwards. Slider to the left (white background) corresponds to "on/enabled" and slider to the right (colored background) is now "off/disabled". The hover text corresponds still to what happens if you click on it (not the current state) going by what is then displayed at the top in green when you click on the slider for a Plugin.

I believe this is a UI bug?

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