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1 Jun 07, 2007 01:43    

My b2evolution Version: 1.8.x

As a result of changes made to my blogs with the help of people here (many thanks Yabba, EdB and others) I have largely managed to convince google to just send people to the permanent page locations which is useful for both the searchers and for getting hits.

One weird thing remains and I cannot work out why it should happen. If someone searches (as someone indeed did) for "frequency of love" they get:
and you will see at about the 17th entry in google a link to my blog "Wobbly Universe". The entry shown there is correct text from my blog, but if you click it then it does which tries to set a bookmark. The correct URL would be or but that does not appear in google in the first 100 entries.

I do not allow any skin changes on my blog. The link looks to be a skin change to me. Is that right? Why should that be so? And the big crunch question, is how do I tell google to piss off from doing these type of links?

This is happening quite a lot, and 4 searches from 3 different IP addresses that should have accessed the above page all happened within 24 hours, with more over the surrounding days. All the examples that week were this one page, but I cannot see anything different about it.

2 Jun 07, 2007 02:31

tempskin=_rdf is actually a syndication feed. That doesn't help, but info is info eh?

3 Jun 07, 2007 02:49

Yes, it is useful info thanks EdB.

Presumably that link is there all the time as it refers only to the blog, not an article. At any one time it would appear to be associated with the last article - I am thinking aloud here - because the offending article was the last one until about a day ago.

Is there a way to tell search engines to not follow the syndication feeds? At present I have it set to do:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow"/>

and I am guessing / hoping there is an instruction to say don't follow the feeds also.

5 Jun 07, 2007 03:46

This is what I have done. I made a robots.txt file and installed it to my domain main directory (i.e not in your blog directory but your main domain outermost directory). It contains this:

User-Agent: *
Disallow: /b2/index.php/*?tempskin*

which will prevent all search engines (the "*" in the first line) from indexing all feed types (the 2nd "*" in the 2nd line) for all blogs (the 1st "*" in the 2nd line). It should mean that only the real pages are indexed. I was tempted to put "*?*" as there might be other nonsense also but was worried about preventing something useful. Note that it may be that some search engines do not recognise the "*"s in the 2nd line but google does.

Now I just have to sit back and wait to see if it works OK. If it does then I would recommend this to all people who have b2 blogs as it prevents people going to a link from google that does not work for your pages. It means that someone actually did a search that should have found your pages but when they clicked it they got a bookmark request come up - a very confusing thing to happen - and they would probably give up at that point as there is no information for even a quite clever person to get to the page.

6 Jun 13, 2007 02:02

Well it is 5 days or so later and still google (UK) is sending people to these silly places. I would have thought that they would recognise these type of templates.

7 Jun 13, 2007 16:48

I'm not sure but I think it takes quite a while for something to fade away from search engine caches. 5 days doesn't sound like enough time to me. I think your approach is correct, so be a bit more patient. I think!

8 Jun 13, 2007 17:49

You could try adding this to the very top of your feed skins :-

if( $Hit->referer_type == 'search' ){
header( 'Location: '.regenerate_url( 'tempskin' ) );


10 Jun 14, 2007 04:07

Thank you EDB Yabba and whoo.

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