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1 Jun 07, 2007 02:07    

My b2evolution Version: 1.8.x

My last post made me think of this too. It is not so important, but would be nice.

I get two different permanent URLs depending on how I get to a page and they look like this: and

I get the second one from the permalink entry on a page and that is what google mostly uses to index pages. The first one is used by the "index of all posts" link in my sidebar which I think Yabba told me how to install. I wonder if there is an easy way to make the permalink entry on each page also make the shorter name? There are advantages to this because I operate an index to all my articles outside the blog also and I make this by manipulating the "index of all posts" html code.

2 Jun 07, 2007 05:31

In the BackOffice, go to the "App settings :: General" Tab, and look in the section called "Link options"

Those are your options...

Hope this helps.

3 Jun 07, 2007 06:36

Thanks esanchez. I did as you said and selected "post called up by its id" and it does just what I want. The permalink link on any page now has the short URL.

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