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1 Jun 08, 2007 09:21    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I run several blogs. One for my business, one for a production company, one at myspace, etc.

I sometimes repost entries from these other blogs on my own personal b2evolution blog.

Is there a way to automate this? So I post on my blogger blog, b2evolution reads the rss feed, and displays it as the latest entry?

2 Jun 08, 2007 10:35

It is possible but there's nothing around that will do it, so you'd need to code it yourself.


3 Jun 09, 2007 03:14

I've been looking at Yahoo Pipes, which lets you mash-up rss feeds. I wonder if there's a way to incorporate that.

4 Jun 09, 2007 04:06

When you use Yahoo to "mashup" the rss feeds, is the result a RSS feed of its own? And if so, do you have to be signed into your yahoo account to view and use it?

5 Jun 09, 2007 07:32

Yes, it becomes a new RSS feed. You don't need to be logged in to use it. I'm messing around with a pipe right now, and even though I haven't "published" it yet, I can view it when logged out.

The trick is to take that combo RSS feed and post it on my site. I've used javascript codes in the past (ugh) and I'm using spring widgets on my Myspace. Either way, it's a clunky fix.

6 Jun 09, 2007 08:28

Look for magpierss (here in the forums and out there in the wilds) and you'll find a rather groovy aggregator that can spit feed content onto your blog. After that it might be only a few steps to get it to actually enter the feeds into your database. Might be! Back when I did the magpierss hack here people were into the idea of using it to re-blog stuff but I never went near it because it seemed kinda lame. Like, why would you want to post something on your blog that you found on someone else's blog? In this case I see a very good reason why, but I'm not into hacking it up myself. Anyway I'm 99% certain magpierss and my little old hack will be a strong core for where you want to be.

7 Jun 09, 2007 09:06

Thanks for the magpierss suggestion. I'll check that out.

I just spent the last couple hours constructing a pipe and feeding it into a spring widget for my website's front page. It's not exactly what I wanted -- the pipe doesn't get reposted in my b2evolution blog. Instead, the b2evolution blog is one of 6 rss feeds that feed the pipe.

Check it out the "variety pack" widget at the bottom of the page here:

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