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1 Jun 10, 2007 03:39    

Recently I am trying to modify the Andreas theme to suit my style. I made the main theme as black color. Everything looks fine to me - but not for smilies.

I discovered that once I changed the background to black color, there would be a box of white (or grey) surrounding the smilies - which is so odd. You may refer to the screen cap I attached or visit my site ( to have a more clear idea on what I am saying (my English is not very good...forgive me pls~)

Anyone can figure out a solution on eliminating the white box (other than give up using smilies)? Many thanks for helping in advance~ ;)

2 Jun 11, 2007 11:09

From the looks of your site you've solved this?


3 Jun 11, 2007 13:41


Finally figured out that it is the setting of the style.css.

4 Jun 11, 2007 19:01

*phew* that just saved me a shedload of work :D


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