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1 Jun 12, 2007 04:10    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I created my own custom skin for b2evolution following the guide I found at My custom skin included a top, side, and bottom menu to house the blog scripting so it matched the rest of our site. However, when I added all the blog scripts... every menu on the blog pages were distorted. The text links had massive margins on either side of them as did the images on the side bar.

On my blog pages, there are varying yet massive gaps between the titles (headers) and the lists of blogs under them. Any idea why this happened?

I'm not too versed in CSS and can do minor scripting with it. But I'd like to fix this error so our blog pages are seamless with the rest of the site.

2 Jun 12, 2007 06:55

I'm not sure which part of the page you're referring to... Could you give me some sample text from the area in question...? Is it the menu at the top which says HOME | PROJECTS | MEDIA etc...? The only real problem I'm seeing with the styles (this is in Firefox) is that the hover states are in a larger font, which gives everything an annoying "shifty" effect when the topmost and bottommost menu links are hovered.

Also, before you start editing your stylesheets, you might want to take care of the duplicate (actually triplicate) tandh.css stylesheet you have referenced. You have 3 separate references to that stylesheet in your page. That's unnecessary. You should just keep the uppermost one, and remove the second two references.


3 Jun 12, 2007 07:46

My question is why do you have a Table set up for your main center panel?

4 Jun 12, 2007 16:02

Nice linkback to b2evolution :-/

5 Jun 12, 2007 21:50

Sweet jesus, I didn't link it back? Thanks for the head's up!

I'll add in the linkback and cut out the extra css. As for the table, it's there to separate the php includes of the menu from the middle section (blogs or general content).

Jibberjab, the problem is the spacing around those text links. It was supposed to be tight, even with the text enlarging, it doesn't shift normally on other pages... just the blog pages. That's the problem I'm referring to.

On any other page, the links in the menu react fine and are close to the graphics and the green space around them is very tight, nothing moves when it's enlarged. On the blog page, the one I linked, that green space is blown out and everything moves when they are enlarged. But it only does it on the blog pages.

6 Jun 13, 2007 17:10

Just poking around a bit I noticed two, or actually three, things you might want to work on. First, you have a heck of a lot of validation errors. 70 of them on your main page. It's really hard to focus on your style sheet when your basic stuff is messed up, so I would start looking at those with an eye towards either correcting or at least understanding and deciding they're not critical issues. Second, viewing the source code for some of your pages shows 2 body tags. You open the document body, then have another head section, then open the document body again. It's not the way it should be, but it's also not the cause of the problem because a page with and without the problem had the same "double head" issue.

Third, I noticed this is a really weird problem! That's why I should really only claim to have noticed 2 things ;) Anyway I would look at the xhtml validation problems first. A quick look at the list of issues made me think some of them will be really easy to fix. It is very possible that fixing those will correct, or at least identify the source of, the display problem you have.

7 Jun 13, 2007 22:23

I'll look into that. I figured ripping it all down and starting over from scratch may be a good idea. I never saw any of the errors you're referring to, it just looked weird. Stupid question, how do I check for said errors?

8 Jun 13, 2007 23:23

Go to this site:
and enter the URL of your blog in the first form field.

If you're building your blog layout from scratch, you may want to make sure the raw HTML/XHTML validates before adding any of the blog code. It makes things easier later.


9 Jun 14, 2007 00:16

Excellent, I can definitely use that. And probably starting from scratch would be a good idea, hence all the problems with the scripting. It'd just be easier. Thank you for all your help!!

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