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1 Jun 11, 2007 20:08    

My b2evolution Version: 1.9.3

Hey all,

I know there is probably this feature tucked away into the admin section of b2evo, but I cannot find it, nor can I find any info on hacks, or plugins to do this, so maybe someone in the forum can shed some light on this for me.

I want to enable a feature to send an e-mail to all currently subscribed users. I know there is RSS for posts and what not, but this is different. This would allow notifications about site changes, updates to the site framework, and notifications the will push to the user. Anyway. I am fairly new to b2evo, but have been tinkering with it for a few weeks, and love it. Would be awesome if it had this feature hidden away somewhere, or if someone could help create a hack/plugin to address this issue.

Any Help?

Thanks in Advance,


2 Jun 12, 2007 23:56

bump... anyone have any idea how to do this? I noticed in the users section you can send a message to each individual user... anyone have any ideas?

3 Jun 13, 2007 16:45

AFAIK it is not a feature, and there is not a hack available that does this. It probably wouldn't be hard, but generally speaking blogs are pull systems and email is pushing. You could possibly create a blog that is not included in the bloglist, make all your bloggers members (with no other permissions), then post "protected" in that blog when you want to make an announcement. You would want to tell your bloggers once that they should subscribe to the feed for that blog, then leave it up to them to subscribe and visit when you have something to say in that "blog about the blogs".

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