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1 Jun 13, 2007 20:52    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered


I just set up a blog and need help with permissions and log in. I'm using the blog as kind of like a forum. I want about 20 people to be able to register themselves and to set users permissions so that each person can read and write comments. I running 1.9.3

Right now, the blog is not private. Anyone can acess it with the link without being asked to log in and can make a comment. How do I set the permission to make the blog private only to members who log in?


2 Jun 14, 2007 18:48

You'll need to mark the posts as Protected under Visibility/Sharing in the Write tab, which means that only members can see the posts.

You can make it so that users can only write posts with the status of Protected. Here's how:

1. Go to Blog Settings and choose the blog.
2. Click on the Group permissions sub-tab
3. Go to advanced view.
4. Find the "Can post/edit with following statuses:" section for the group with your users and uncheck all of the statuses except for protected.

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