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1 Jul 10, 2007 11:11    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Including doing index.php/myblog/ or whatever, you can just do it all via a .htaccess file...

2 Jul 10, 2007 11:23

You're assuming that htaccess is available on all hosting packages ;)


3 Jul 10, 2007 11:30

Well tough luck to those that it isn't ;)

4 Jul 10, 2007 12:16

Well tough luck to those that it isn't

wow, what an ironic post coming from the resident microsoft zygote of the forums.

Since when does IIS ship with an .htaccess? OH WAIT! It doesn't, never mind.

6 Jul 10, 2007 16:17

Ummm... I use stubs on everything and never have index.php/stubname. My primary blog uses a stub named weblog.php, and it is defined as the primary blog to appear on index.php, so I get there from two paths. All my other blogs are stubs and you never see index.php in the URL. On my hang gliding club's primary installation my blog #1 stub is called index.php and happens to be the default blog on index.php so it's all the same, but each blog is named uniquely via a stub file. Oddly enough on the club's "member blogs" installation I don't use stubs because I don't want to have to create them. I also didn't like the method autoblog uses to create stubs, so I went with using blog numbers. Cosmetically unappealing, but easy for me as the admin is the thing.

.htaccess is way smart stuff. No doubt. But for most folk it's a place they shouldn't play even if their host lets them. Look people have a hard time doing html or php stuff, and errors there usually show up in a way that points politely at the error. Plus the millions of validation errors that browsers are kind enough to deal with. Now take those skills and apply them to writing your .htaccess file ... and cringe!

7 Jul 10, 2007 22:26

You need to drink more, yer starting to have lucid moments :|


8 Jul 11, 2007 00:39

I use .htaccess and stub files together. Stub files can do more than set the url. I use mine to change the number of posts per page, for example.

btw, balupton is [url=]using apache[/url] now, apparently. Although if all he's going to serve is 404 pages, I think IIS's are prettier.

9 Jul 11, 2007 07:05

Yeah that is the use I see stub files for, but not for "clean urls".

My host is outsourced (i don't own it), so has always been apache. And yeah, my whole site is down, brought it down 2 weeks or so ago, not sure if i'll even continue to use b2evo for it...

10 Jul 11, 2007 16:29

personman wrote:

... Stub files can do more than set the url. ...

Yeah I forgot about that. Set how many posts per page, set the order of posts. Set "stuff" to be what you need for that particular blog. Hey 2.0 is gonna have cooler URLs. Like "basepath.tld/catname/post-title". Groovy eh?

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