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1 Jul 10, 2007 13:27    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

First off I'm running 0.9.x and I know I've got to upgrade - I've been avoiding it too long and this just proves I need to. I don't have the time for a couple weeks to get into it - but until then --- I've been getting hundreds of spam comments like this .....

Author: uhqkf fcnhsiwyv (IP:,
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First off - what the heck good can this kind of comment spam do for anyone? Theyre all different - seemingly random. (I've long ago banned links in comments).

Secondly - is anyone else getting these???

Rob >:-<

2 Jul 10, 2007 16:32

Hi Capn. Yeah you need to upgrade, but let's reverse engineer those comments to figure out what the point is. "Hey look this is how you spam someone's blog!" "Wow really? Hey this is fun! Let's spam CapnRob again before mommie gets home!!!"

Pointless crap is what it is.

I personally am not having any problem with that level of comment spam, but I also use my turing test plugin so pretty much comment spam doesn't happen to me.

I suggest you decide if any customizations you've done are so critical that they're worth the spam, and if not upgrade and deal with your customizations when you can. One of the cool things b2evolution has done is super simple and super effective: the field names for comments are not 'usual and customary', so spammers have to actually learn the app and target you specifically. Most don't, so a simple trick works wonders against spam.

3 Jul 10, 2007 21:27

Ah, so this is not some super clever way to manipulate a search engine - its just a bot attack from some @sshat with too much time.

That sure makes it easier to understand.

190 or so spams a night is not worth it 8| - I'll start working up to the new version. Right now I just disabled comments for some peace of mind.

Is the turing test plugin like a captcha?

and Thanks Ed.

4 Jul 10, 2007 22:22

Hopefully when you redo your blog skin to make it compatible with whichever version you upgrade to, you'll add the linkback in again :D


5 Jul 23, 2007 14:43

Crossing my fingers - today is upgrade day!


6 Jul 23, 2007 20:16

Yay, the linkback's back, great upgrade :D


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