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1 Jul 15, 2007 18:23    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

I've read the documents on the site and they say I don't have to do anything for the RSS to work.
But When I try to click on Posts or Comments I get a blank page.
When I use the RSS button in my Explorer 7 I get the following message (in dutch):
XML-document moet een element hebben op het hoogste niveau.
regel: 0 teken: 0
The XML-document must have an element on the highest level. Rule: 0 sign: 0
Does anybody know what I can do about it? :'(

2 Jul 15, 2007 19:15

Could you post here the public(s) URL how delivers the feed ?

4 Jul 15, 2007 21:33

Did you (accidentally) clean the /blogs/skins/ directory?
Make sure these folders exist in that directory:

You can do this by uploading the directories. This also makes sure the contents of the maps are correct.

Good luck

5 Jul 15, 2007 22:46

I changed the CHMOD! I changed it back and now it's working! :lol:
Thanks for your help.

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