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1 Jul 15, 2007 16:16    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

I have installed and version 1.10.2. Everything works, but one thing.
I can't save an new user. I'm logged in as Admin (default user) and I want to create a new user (my own name). I can create one, but can't save it. There are no Save buttons on the end of te page.
Is this an error in the program, or am I doing something wrong?

2 Jul 15, 2007 21:42

There should be a Save! button at the end of the page. Have a look at the Demo blog; you can find it in the menu above this forum where it reads Demo.

3 Jul 15, 2007 22:10

I still don't see it! On the demo, yes, on my own no!
Look at the attachment. A picture of the end of my page...
I'm confused... 8|

4 Jul 15, 2007 22:22

It sometimes happens people get funny errors because something went wrong during upload of the files to the server. What you could do is the following: upload everything again, except the files in the folder of your current skin and the file _basic_conf.php in the folder /blogs/conf (this file holds some information regarding your blog and the database and is created/adapted during installation).

Good luck

5 Jul 15, 2007 23:14

:'( do you have another idea??

This is written on the end of the (code)page:
/* IE: make sure the last line is not hidden by a scrollbar */
div.codeblock.amc_short table {
margin-bottom: 2ex;

The same is on the other page (for groups), but there is works like a charme....

And on top of I have another problem (bigger).
Can't post anymore!
Can make a post, but if I safe it, it is gone...pfff...

7 Jul 17, 2007 14:31

A asume I can put it anywhere I want?
I've changed it and it seems to work for now...partly.
I can save now, but can't see them, I only see de header, but not the post.
The same happens when I look in my own blog.
And when I change my skin, they are visible! And when I change back, they stay visible... Strange!! :roll:
Must I upgrade my memory to 24 of something? :lol:

8 Jul 17, 2007 15:08

I was too soon...
It doesn't work... :-/
- I can't save posts (sometimes)
- I don't see my posts except the header on my blog directly (it sometimes works when I change skins back and forth)
-I don't see my posts except the header in my backoffice on the tab where you see al the posts including text. (looks the same as on my blog).
It looks like it's my choice of skin (andreas_01)??

In a nutshell...same problems still.... :'(

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