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1 Jul 18, 2007 02:36    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

is their a way to flag a posting so that i could have my bloggers just put some info in a posting and have it reside in a single spot on the site.

would there be a way to accomplish this with something like a second link blog that is unique to each blog? or would it just be multiple instances of linkblog?


2 Jul 18, 2007 05:45

I am not sure I grasp the idea.
You can make as many link blogs as you want , but you can attach only one linkblog to each blog.
To have something stand alone, you could make a new blog, make a posting and generate a static html.

Have fun.

3 Jul 18, 2007 09:06


i have a blog site with multiple bloggers. i am using the linkblog for each of them to provide their own unique helpful links.

what i would like to accomplish is to create another, editable area for them to provide information.

what i don't want to have to do is create a second blog for them to administer that would have that info.

let me know if that is any more clear.

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