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1 Jul 18, 2007 09:16    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered


i am trying to validate my pages so that they can be more accurate and bug free.

i am using:

my issue is that it kicks back a lot of false positives for my site or things that like not closing out tags. 7 of 7 are false.

any thoughts

2 Jul 18, 2007 09:39

Result: 4 errors / 0 warnings

line 67 column 121 - Error: end tag for "img" omitted, but OMITTAG NO was specified

You forgot the /
<a href=""><img src="img/logo_2.jpg" alt="Locker Talk with Ben Blecha" /></a>

line 75 column 8 - Error: end tag for "p" omitted, but OMITTAG NO was specified

You forgot the </p>

<form action="" method="get" class="search"><div><input type="hidden" name="blog" value="2" /></div> <p><input type="text" name="s" size="30" value="" class="SearchField" /><br />
<!-- <input type="radio" name="sentence" value="AND" id="sentAND" checked="checked" /><label for="sentAND">All Words</label><br />
<input type="radio" name="sentence" value="OR" id="sentOR" /><label for="sentOR">Some Word</label><br />
<input type="radio" name="sentence" value="sentence" id="sentence" /><label for="sentence">Entire phrase</label></p>
--> <input type="submit" name="submit" class="submit" value="Search" />

line 179 column 66 - Error: document type does not allow element "table" here; missing one of "object", "applet", "map", "iframe", "button", "ins", "del" start-tag
You've got your table wrapped in <p> tags

<p><table width="50%" border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1">
<td><img src="" alt="KNNG - Locker Talk with Ben Blecha" title="KNNG - Locker Talk with Ben Blecha" width="100" height="130" /></td>
<td valign="bottom">Ben Blecha covers High School Athletics for KNNG. He provides frequent coverage for all of the teams throughout each season, district and into the playoffs.</td>

line 529 column 6 - Error: end tag for "div" omitted, but OMITTAG NO was specified

You haven't closed <div id=wrapper">


3 Jul 18, 2007 17:45


thank you for your help. there must have been some haste in my writing and certainly a lack of understanding how that validator works.

i misunderstood how the validator relayed the message and was checking for those highlighted tags such as /a, /body, etc. since i already had them, I thought they were false readings.

thanks again.

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