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1 Jul 20, 2007 21:06    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered


I have tried to turn off the Admin link on each page by going to the permission section but when I put my page into the browser and click on the Admin link at the bottom right side of my blog it goes to the administration page and I don't want anyone but myself to be able to do this.

What can I do?

Thank you,

Debra Sanford
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2 Jul 21, 2007 00:09

I'm assuming you are talking about the admin link in your blog's skin. Open up your skin's _main.php file and look for

user_admin_link( '<li>', '</li>' );

replace with

// user_admin_link( '<li>', '</li>' );


3 debsanford Jul 21, 2007 17:41


B) Hi,

Thanks for the help I'm new at this blogging thing and forums too!

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4 Jul 21, 2007 18:09

go to admin > users and edit the group permissions for each of the other user groups, choose either "no access" or "hidden" ;)


5 debsanford Jul 21, 2007 20:47



Thanks a lot. I was wondering why there is an admin link there anyway for anyone to get into your administration panel. Do you know?

Debra Sanford
Are you working for less than 100% commission? WHY???

6 Jul 22, 2007 04:41

Because b2evolution is a multi-blog application, it's very common to have many authors, each with their own blog. (Some sites are even set up for visitors to open/create their own blogging accounts, on the fly. )

Having an admin link on public web-page provides a quick and secure (via user/password) access to the back office admin tools. (Levels and details of back-office access, can be set to be user/group-specific).

Mind you, in a single-author, single-blog situation ... having such access may seem superfluous. (We hide our back-office link because ... "why would any visitor need/want to see it, since they can't log in ... AND ... why invite tampering?)

Hope this helps.

7 Jul 22, 2007 05:01

But stk, shouldn't the admin link only show to people who have access to the administration. And in the scenario that someone does but is not logged in yet, they just click login link, and on the login page after they have entered their details click 'Login to backoffice' instead of just 'Login'...

8 Jul 22, 2007 08:19

When I say "admin link", I'm talking about the "login/admin" text link that leads to the administration (back office) ... either directly (if logged in == "admin" ) or via the login page (if not logged in == "login").

Both are "hidden" on our pages and only I 'see' it. ;)

9 Jul 23, 2007 20:13

stk wrote:

Both are "hidden" on our pages and only I 'see' it. ;)

That's not entirely true .... although being blonde you had to use semaphore and confuse me with flags before I found it ;)


10 Jul 23, 2007 20:52

LOL ... okay ...

Only I (and people who have nothing better to do with their time than hunt down surrepticious links and make tiny doodle drawings the size of football fields) know where these links are.


12 Jul 24, 2007 00:30

If I have admin permissions and I don't have a link on the public side then I have to type a URL when I want to log in from a computer that ain't mine. So having an admin link that needs a login/password pair is a nice convenience.

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