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1 Jul 20, 2007 22:22    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I have put up a post with a photo and all of a sudden I am getting a problem with pictures aligning to the bottom of the posts.

I have gone as far as to copy the HTML of other posts that previously worked and sub the picture to no avail.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

2 Jul 21, 2007 00:15

Can you provide a link to a specific post where this is happening? On checking your main page, there is that post with the image of the people on the tractor. Are you saying that image is supposed to be above the text of the post? The code for that post looks like this:

<div class="bText">
<p>Or is it counter balance? And yet again my stupid post has sent the picture to the bottom, so scroll down and no this is not a joke.... argh<img src="/blog/media/blogs/Home%20Interest/Ausgleichen.jpg" alt="Balance" /></p></div>

so the image is clearly after the text... Did you insert the image (in the post editor) before you typed your text? From the code above it looks like you typed first and imaged after...


3 Aug 01, 2007 18:30

Sorry to be so late in response but i have been traveling.

My problem is when I preview my post regardless or words before or after the picture it shifts the picture to the absolute bottom of the post and leaves a considerable blank area at the top of the page.

I have even taken older posts that were correct and coppied them into a new post and they do the same thing, so I wonder if the issue is in my _main?

4 Aug 02, 2007 00:33

I think you solve your problem if you add this piece of code to the file ../blog/skins/andreas_01/stylesheet.css:

.image_block { 
    float: left; 
    margin: 4px; 

Good luck

5 Aug 02, 2007 19:54

Afwas, did the trick, much thanks... :)

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