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1 Jul 26, 2007 16:25    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

Top of the morning - I've got a small little naggy question if anyone knows an answer ...

on the contact form link on the main page - it says "contact the admin"

I'd like to change this wording - but can't find where thats generated.

in my skin it's called like this
if( method_exists( $Blog, 'contact_link' ) ) { $Blog->contact_link( ); echo ' • '; }

in fact alot of things got the &bull - what is that? Can I just change the echo to
echo ' Contact me; '; }

without problems?

2 Jul 26, 2007 18:10

The • is a html escape character. It's another way of telling the browser I want to display something. Like /u0034 is an unicode char in some other language.

An example. I have a .php file and I want to explain to you how php works. I write that a php command starts with <?php. O dear. There's nothing on the screen because it took this sentence too literally and it really did expect a php command once I wrote <?php. I can circumvent this problem by escaping one of the characters, like &lt;?php It will display <?php but not look at it as a starting command. In this case &lt; represents <. Here is a [url=]full list[/url] of all entities.

The &bull; is a black dot. Where is the black dot on your keyboard? It's not there? Then you want an escape character like &bull;

I will come back to the "contact the admin" once I find the appropriate code (unless someone beats me to it).

Good luck

3 Jul 26, 2007 18:24

hi CapnRob,

Have a look at this code:

			// Display a link to contact the owner of this blog (if owner accepts messages):
			$Blog->contact_link( array(
					'before'      => '',
					'after'       => '. ',
					'text'   => T_('Contact'),
					'title'  => T_('Send a message to the owner of this blog...'),
				) );

It is new in version 2.0 but possibly already implemented in 1.10 because in your code it sais:

if( method_exists

The above code works like this:


in your code by:

$Blog->contact_link('', '. '', 'Whatever you want', T_('Send a message to the owner of the blog...'))

and change "Whatever you want" to whatever you want.

If this doesn't work then the method is not implemented yet (but I think it is because you can see it). I have not tested this, so I am as curious as you if it works.

Good luck

4 Jul 31, 2007 17:13

Well, I tried this

<?php if( method_exists( $Blog, 'contact_link' ) ) { $Blog->contact_link('', '. '', 'Whatever you want', T_('Send a message to the owner of the blog...')); echo ' &bull; '; } ?>

and I get an error referring to unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING

SO either I've screwed up the syntax or it doesn't work.

5 Jul 31, 2007 17:23

Once again: I cannot test from where I am now.
One small error corrected here:

$Blog->contact_link('', '. ', 'Whatever you want', T_('Send a message to the owner of the blog...'))

Note '. ' in stead of '. '' or try

$Blog->contact_link('', '. ', 'Whatever you want', 'Send a message to the owner of the blog...')

But I don't see what this could change.

Good luck

6 Jul 31, 2007 23:41

Well I've actually spent the day taking apart B2 and scanning through each file from where the page is requested to final render.

This message is generated in


starts at line 358

function contact_link( $text = '#' )
if( $text == '#' )
$text = T_('Contact the Admin');

just change the wording to whatever you want.
and boy are my eyes tired .... heh, hope this helps someone else!

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