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1 Jul 31, 2007 01:18    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

Finally, I've updated from 0.912 to Florida :D and am still tweaking the new version.

A suggestion: What about integrating the subscription options (which blogs to subscribe) into the user profile? I think we should make the subscription process as easy and obvious for our readers.

Now, a new user has to register, but after logging in (s)he will be directed to the admin screen and will not find the subscription options there as they are displayed in the sidebar of the blog only.

I've found a related earlier forum entry

Another thing:

When I tested the subscription feature, this message was displayed after clicking on the link in the activation email

"You have to use the same session (by means of your session cookie) as when you have requested the action."

The new account could't be activated then.

Can the session-thing be deactivated or changed?


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