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1 Aug 01, 2007 15:26    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered


I'm setting up a new blog. I've downloaded the newest stable version today and everything works ok, just one problem:

In the right column (or sidebar) of the blog, the whole content of the posts is shown under the category "News"...i want there only a link to the posting.

how can i change this? (it happens on all default skins, so i guess i'm using a "wrong" setting somewhere in the settings....but where?

greets + thx

2 Aug 01, 2007 16:22

My guess is you posted in 'Linkblog'. What you should do is post in Blog A, set category to 'News' (for test purposes, once you get rolling, do whatever you want) and now a (1) appears after 'News' in the sidebar.
This shows there is a post. Click 'News' and you wil be linked through to the new post.

The 'Linkblog' is a special blog. There you don't make posts, but add links to external sites. They then appear in the sidebar.

Just keep experimenting and you will grasp the idea eventually.

Good luck

3 Aug 01, 2007 17:47

thanks for your answer.

I've verified that i've posted the posts in the "Blog A" section, and i've verified that each posts is in the category "news". In fact i'm seeing under the category "News" in the right sidebar the amount of postings as you have wrote. But the whole posting content is still showing in the sidebar.

I have even deleted the "Linkblog" blog section (because i dont need this anyway). Still the same...

guess there is somewhere a setting which i've made in the backend.


4 Aug 01, 2007 17:51

aargh...thank you just found the setting:

it was a setting under the "Blogs" -> "View" Settings. I have switch the "Linkblog / Blogroll" setting for "blog a" to the value "none" instead of the value "Blog a"....


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