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1 Aug 02, 2007 23:08    

Could some one please try explain me in very common terms, what's the use of trackbacks.
How does it do me any good to activate this and do I have to publish all the (mostly) crap coming my way to make (whatever) use of the trackback?

Thank you :)


2 Aug 02, 2007 23:59

When I read one of your posts, I might consider commenting on that. I can do so on your blog, but I could also write in my own blog. In that case I have the option to trackback you and if your blog enables it, it displays a link to my blog. This way my article (a comment on your blog) is visible to both my viewers and yours. This will often be interesting if we both blog about the same topics, say gadgets or cooking.

This is [url=]the Wiki entry about Trackback[/url]

Unfortunately it is often misused by spammers.

Happy blogging

5 Oct 04, 2007 18:21

I never heard about dns antispam?
what is dns spam?
what is it.

6 Oct 04, 2007 18:28

That's a plugin I rote to stop trackback spam. Read the post I linked to, it's all explained there.

7 May 29, 2008 06:09

How are spammers doing trackbacks if they don't have a BLOG? I mean, if I get a trackback notice, I see a link to the spamming site, but I don't see anything posted there that would reflect the trackback.

So how to spammers do this?


8 May 29, 2008 06:52

Umm... they fake it. Like: a program that does nothing but pretend to be a blog sending trackbacks. Or comments. Or (back in the day) referer traffic. They fake it.

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