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1 Aug 04, 2007 18:27    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

Has anybody written a "dummie guide" for new users of b2evo? A guide on how to write new posts and other thinks you need to know?

I ask because a new (guest) user was totally confused when he logged in for the first time. He finally started writing and after four hours he saved the text, then something must have happened and all his work was lost.

A screencast would be ideal, of course....

In the Docs I only found a short entry about the Write-tab.

2 Aug 04, 2007 18:41

If you're the admin, have a look in the posts section where he wrote (might be another blog than he intended). It may still be there as saved or deprecated or set to a future date.

The write tab is about all the user needs to know to post. If he's having troubles at that level, you'd better contact him and try to explain this on a one to one basis.

Your idea of a screencast is neat. In my oppinion a better FAQ for solving regular problems has a larger priority then a beginners guide. The docs do offer a starting point for starters.

Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Good luck

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