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1 Aug 04, 2007 21:38    

My b2evolution Version: 1.9.x


using b2evo 1.9.2 I asked some time ago for an option to count my outgoing clicks on links... nobody could really help me out with this so I googled a bit anf found a php/mysql-script which does the job, adding an internal count.php-URL before every external URL.

I learned today that this is really not good for trackbacks, some bloogers are... a little bit displeased by seeing this and removing my trackbacks seeing them as spam. Additionally I learned, that my count.php-URL's are not good for search engines and pageranks etc. so I made my decision to remove all those pre-URL's... the count.php-URL's in front of my out-of-side-links.

But my big problem is... I now have nearly 500 posts in my blogs, and checking all posts and removing all those pre-links would take hours over hours... So... and that´s why I have the "a bit off-topic" in the headline it has nothing to do directly with the b2evolution software itself, but with my MySQL database... the same b2evo is using... because the URL's are saved in the evo_posts fields post_content and post_url...

I need a search-and-replace-function to delete all those pre-URL's simple... to replace "" in my whole database with nothing.

Do anybody knows a (simple) solution for me? Please!

Thank you very much in advance...

3 Aug 05, 2007 04:44

This comes in handy: a question I wanted to post is answered already today. I needed to get rid of some comments in the XHTML style <!-- --> that conflicted with the new way the _auto_p_plugin handles <!--more-->.


4 Aug 05, 2007 08:10

Thanks balupton, I know I could count on you... ;-)

It worked in my database... but weird I can´t see it yet by viewing my blog entries... although when I want to edit a posting, the pre-URL is gone... after deleting my browser cache, the page itself still shows the pre-URL... weird... I don´t understand why... but I hope that´s some cache problem and nothing more...

Any ideas how to change that? Do I have to click a refresh-button anywhere in b2evo or do I have to edit each posting and save it new... I´ve treid... then the pre-URL is gone even when I do not have made changes in the posting by hand...

Some random example:

5 Aug 05, 2007 09:02

Admin > app tools click "delete pre-rendered content" ;)


6 Aug 05, 2007 09:35

Amazing... now this problem is history!

7 Aug 05, 2007 09:43

There are other ways of counting clicks ( using js if enabled ) ;)


8 Aug 05, 2007 09:50

Ah.. js=javascript? And how?

9 Aug 05, 2007 10:01

It depends oh how you want to track them :

1) We have a plugin that opens all external links in a new window/tab, the page that it calls can have click tracking added ( you could use googles urchin tracker for this )

2) We have a script that adds image tracking for clicks ( but it works on all links in a section of your page, not just external ones, although the code could be amended )

Basically it works by intercepting the onclick and changing an images source to the click tracker, waits a tad and then follows the link as normal

Both methods require js to be enabled in the browser though so the stats won't be 100% accurate


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