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1 Aug 05, 2007 23:29    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I've downloaded b2evolution and hey, I like it... :D, but I've got this little problem.

When I look at my blog on my computer, where it is at the moment. It looks alright. But when I gave the location to my bro in law and my sister and they went to check it out they just saw a white page with all the posts on it, categories and other stuff... :-( no lay out, not cliparts or gifs, just the boxes with the little red crosses.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? How come they can't see my skin, layout and pics and stuff

thanks for reading this already :-D

2 Aug 05, 2007 23:33

Welcome to B2evo.

To solve your 'problem' hit the Admin link, fo to the 'Blog Settings' tab, select 'Display' and choose a skin in 'Default skin'. This will make other people see this skin whenever they view your blog.

Good luck

3 Aug 05, 2007 23:47

:D Thanks, but that is what I've done already, but I think I can see the problem.
The blog is still on my computer and the gifs, templates and stuff are still refering to http://localhost/etc...
I guess that is why my bro in law can't see my blog in its full glory... :)
When he goes and look up a gif, typing the location of an image starting with http:// 'ipaddress'/etc... he can see that specific image.

Thanks for this really fast reply...

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