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1 Aug 06, 2007 00:21    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

The images on this page are displaying way too large, even after I resized them. I can't figure out why this is so I'm hoping somebody can help.

2 Aug 06, 2007 00:31

Well, in looking at the source of your page, each of the images shows something similar to:

width="781" height="384"

which suggests you added the images at first at a very large size, and then resized them (as you said) but didn't delete them and re-add them to your post... so the original width/height are still being displayed... Is that possibly what's going on? The fact that the width and height are shown in the IMG tag at a very large size suggests it's something you're doing while posting...

I would try deleting the image from the post and re-inserting it, now that the actual image dimensions have been changed by you.


3 Aug 06, 2007 00:32

You have set your images to a huge size:

width="781" height="384"

try width = 350 and go larger from there.

In general, if the browser resizes the image for you, they look uglier than if you do the resizing yourself in Gimp or PSP.

4 Aug 06, 2007 00:36

Lol, I didn't realize the tags b2evo had generated for my original images specified size. I'll have to change that

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