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1 Aug 27, 2007 01:38    

I have installed, uninstalled, searched posts on the developer's site and this and cannot find the reason why the chart and the vote count is not displaying on the [url=]blog.[/url]

I host off Yahoo!'s server and know that at times they limit the things that can be done or you have to really tweek things to get them to work. I did install this on another Apache server and it worked perfectly, chart, votes and all.

I visited to download and install the PHP/SWF charts files and placed them into the democracy_plugin sub-directory within the plugins directory and have played around with the config on the samples. I can now get a chart to display this way but cannot change it to other types of charts, say a pie or bar graph.

Any assistance would be appreciated on this as I want it to be a primary feature for this blog.

2 Aug 27, 2007 02:15

This is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Do you know any site where we can find the limits of Yahoo or preferably a site where yahoo users complain about the limitations?

Furthermore this notice: B2evolution is freeware, open source and you can do with it whatever you like, but if you want to receive feedback from the community we appreciate it if you leave the link to this site (and the B2evo logo) visible on your blog.

Good luck

3 Aug 27, 2007 02:36

Afwas wrote:

This is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Do you know any site where we can find the limits of Yahoo or preferably a site where yahoo users complain about the limitations?

I am unsure whether this is Yahoo! or not. I CAN get charts to show after uploading the PHP/SWF files. I am simply trying to figure out what code to place in the _main.php file for the poll.

Insofar as the logo is concerned, it clashes with my color scheme however a link back will be inserted.

4 Aug 27, 2007 13:20

In any case you should try to make some extra memory available to the blog. In ../blogs/conf/_advanced.php from line 43 onward it reads:

// If you get blank pages, PHP may be crashing because it doesn't have enough memory.
// The default is 8 MB (set in php.ini)
// Try uncommmenting the following line:
// ini_set( 'memory_limit', '16M' );

Delete the two slashes (//) before the last line, save and upload this file.
A 1.10 blog with plugin is about to top the 8Mb limit that's standard for (older versions of) php.

If you have your blog plus plugin running on an Apache server but not on Yahoo, I advice you to (temporarily) disable the plugin and work step by step until it crashes. That may determine the cause of the problem and solve it (this is a hopeful scenario).

Good luck

5 Aug 27, 2007 13:58

Welp, now the graph shows but the poll itself is now not showing.

I did not even have to utilize that portion of the advanced config script but thanks for the suggestion.

Any other ideas from anyone?

6 Aug 27, 2007 14:13

The poll (question shows and the 'view results' part works also as bar graph. You now need to tweak the democracy plugin to get to the piechart.

7 Aug 27, 2007 14:24

I have got it all working except when I clear my cookies and view the page and click on the view results part and I seem to get a java error line 67 character 5. I am wondering if this is from the plugin's java file or my own java scripting I have on the site.

I did move all my own site java to an external file and have config'd it to call from the site url rather than a relative url and I still seem to get the error.

The graph shows up fine otherwise. Maybe it is because I am trying to stuff the ballot box?

8 Aug 27, 2007 14:37

Did you do this correctly?
1) I think the democracy plugin relies on parts of in in the ../blog/plugin/democracy_plugin (or similar) folder because it needs to call a database and that information is stored in ../blogs/conf/_basic_conf.php. It will call that information through a relative path. Therefore you cannot put the files somewhere else without breaking the links. Some will work, but bot all.
2) http://loudmouthetc/ is strictly spoken a different server than http://www.loudmouthetc/. Often the host connects both URLs to the same folder, but not always. You seem to have used both in your paths.

9 Aug 27, 2007 15:43

Aw well, that was the java scripting that accompanies all pages for the roll over buttons. It was not integral to the plug in at all, but thanks for noticing that and drawing it to my attention.

Having done sites for so many years I tend to forget some things. All that stuff rattling around in my head bangs around together, dontcha know? :p

I think this is working to my satisfaction now. What I was seeing was the error code that prohibited me from voting more than once with the same IP address. Silly me.

The last thing I am trying to do is to put a <br /> tag after the poll question.

10 Aug 27, 2007 16:02

Well done.

Happy blogging

11 Aug 27, 2007 16:10

Thanks for all the assistance. I truly do appreciate it and hopefully others who are having the same problems either on or off Yahoo! servers will benefit from this as well.

One thing I do want to point out is that when you insert the code to call the plugin, 'democrcy' is NOT a mis-spelling!! Do not do what I did and allow my OCD to come into play by correcting the spelling. It won't work if you do.

12 Aug 27, 2007 16:21

'democracy' beats the eight letter maximum that, to my memory (the thing that makes the mistakes), was a maximum for the plugin to be called in code. The maximum is no longer there, but for backward compatibility it was never changed.

13 Aug 28, 2007 02:33

Sounds like you got this sorted. Well done. This plugin uses the swfcharts that comes with b2evolution. It's an older version and works differently from the one you can download now. Anyway, the whole plugin needs to be rewritten to use jQuery and generally work better.

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