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Any rough guess on a 9.1 release date?

Started by on May 22, 2004 – Contents updated: May 22, 2004

May 22, 2004 19:23    

Just curious about when a .9.1 might come out. I see a few threads about issues that I'd like to have fixed before I upgrade my personal blog and activate my club's installation. My thinking being that I can either slowly dial them in to my current .9.0.3 then just copy it all over to the other applications, or wait for the dev team to bundle them properly.

By the way this whole PointNine things rocks! Other than hacks one might want, there's almost no reason to go into the code anymore.

May 22, 2004 20:34

Glad you appreciate pointnine.. :D

about bugfixes: there'll be of course a 0.9-bugfix release before we go up implementing new features.
Francois will decide if the bugfixed 0.9 will become 0.9.0.x or 0.9.1, but 0.9.0.x is probable.

However, all the bugs discovered will be smashed and we'll release a shining clean version.

Just wait until that is released (probably a few days after Francois is back and has catched up). This will be a good version for real production and you don't have to suffer from patching.

May 22, 2004 20:44

Cool. .9.1 versus .9.0.n is effectively semantics to my mind. "A version with the known issues cleaned up" is what I was thinking on. Thanks much!

Hey ...uh... ya think version 1.0 will be released as "b(lueyed)2evolution"? ;)

May 24, 2004 12:31

The shiny clean version shall be named (just for the fun of dropping .4 :) ), shall be codenamed "Berlin" because many bug fixes come from Germany (blueyed :yes:) and shall be released this week :)

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