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1 Jun 11, 2004 12:28    

Version (preview5)

When I try to experiment with blockquotes I got this error while saving the post :

Cannot update, please correct these errors:
Tag blockquote may not contain raw character data

The post is :

<blockquote>Hoe was de uitspraak in 1800 als iemand zijn leven als in een film zag voorbij komen ?</blockquote>

2 Jun 11, 2004 12:44

I'll add my 2cents here too. :roll: Version 0.9.1-cvs image "align" atribute not allowed.

3 Jun 11, 2004 13:34

All of these are now fixed - well, francois sent me an updated version of _formatting.php in which these issues have been fixed.

4 Jun 11, 2004 13:41

:roll: Sent you an email.

5 Jun 11, 2004 15:54

I'll release preview 7 asap

7 Jun 11, 2004 15:57

in the future don't post these in BUGS but in Preview and beta releases / Early Testing

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