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stub name is case-sensitive

Started by on Sep 15, 2007 – Contents updated: Sep 15, 2007

Sep 15, 2007 18:05    

I'm not sure if this is a bug, intentional, or missed, but currently, the "stub name" is case-sensitive.

Base URL: domain.tld/AAA/

1) domain.tld/AAA/post-title
2) domain.tld/aaa/post-title

The wrong "case" (which is domain.tld/aaa/post-title) will load the "base" content of the "stub", in our example, domain.tld/AAA/ and not the content itself ($disp = 'single') which is ....../post-title

If this is not a bug, then this serves as a suggestion to make the stub names case-insensitive for the benefit of those using it, especially in "clean URLs".



JC Cuneta

Sep 17, 2007 12:05

In all unix flavors filenames are case-sensitive, so maybe it comes from that and I wouldn't think it is a bug.

Sep 17, 2007 12:24

Including "virtual" names?

The "URL stub name" of b2evo are virtual names, not really a "filename".

I can change my stub "filenames" to any variation of cases but it won't affect the virtual name. If I'm not mistaken, even without stub "files", you can use b2evo's "URL Stub" which I prefer to call "virtual names", coz it really is confusing :p

If I have a stub "filename" = AaA.php
And Blog A URL is set to domain.tld/aaa/post-title
It will work.

If I rename the stub "filename" = aAa.php
the URL domain.tld/aaa/post-title
will also still work.

That's what I meant :)

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