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1 Sep 23, 2007 21:01    

I've said some of these things in other posts and forums, but, for simplicity and for the record, here are the things I think the b2evo team should add/change/remove/put back to refine the product even more.

- Widgets (especially Free HTML) should have assignable internal names, to allow the administrator to recognize which widget does which task. Now, if you have, for example, one Free HTML chunk for AdSense, another for stats, another for external links, and so, figuring out which one to edit from the backoffice is a real mess. Especially if you are moving them around. (Which arrow to click?, and now?, and now?) My suggestion is to have the widgets listed in the backoffice with their internal title, then the type of widget in parentheses, such as: "AdSense (Free HTML)".

- And please, please, please, put some AJAX in the widget management screen. If I add a widget and want it at the top of a container, I have to click some fifteen times the up arrow beside its name and wait some fifteen page reloads. OR, you can do something easier and more powerful: widget positioning with numerical textboxes àla myHq ( I use that page for my link management and I can assure you that system rocks. (Of course, allow duplicate numbers and sort those widgets by added date, or by name, or whatever --but please no more page reloads). If you don't want to get a myHq account (it's free) to see how it works, I can upload a screenshot, but I guess you get the idea: suppress all arrows and put a textbox beside every widget, so that the user can specify which position occupies each one. Then, a submit button that sorts the list and reloads. ONCE.

- If you do this, you can have the new widgets to have automagically assigned a position number which is ten more than the highest number in the list. Result: the list gets filled with values in multiples of ten, allowing the blog admin to put the widget between any other two changing only one position number.

- Online editing of, at least, the custom template must come back. Downloading, editing and reuploading is way too cumbersome for minor editing changes, which I tend to do every other day or so.

- Also, is it me, or isn't there an option to turn off the blog list at the top of the page anymore? I had deactivated it, and now that I upgraded to b2evo 2, I can't seem to turn it off. Pleeze, let me do that again!

Well, this is it. Please understand that these suggestions I make to help make a better b2evo, so don't feel bothered. :)


2 Sep 24, 2007 14:17

Just remove the widget called "public blog list" to remove the horizontal blog list.

AJAX is cool, but some hosts do not like it. Personally, it can come later, after v2.0-Final ;)

Free HTML widgets, done, check your related post :)

3 Sep 24, 2007 20:02

Thanks for your answer, I hadn't inspected all the core widgets. That did it.

As you say, Yabba has posted a patch for widget titles, now it should only be a matter of generalizing his/her (huh?) :) solution and pushing it into the core.

4 Sep 26, 2007 00:55

... upload an image file to show the myHq Way Of Doing It...

How can I? It's a JPEG.

5 Sep 26, 2007 01:17

bit wrote:

... upload an image file to show the myHq Way Of Doing It...

How can I? It's a JPEG.

Unfortately uploads to the forum had to be cancelled due to lack of space on the -free- server. You can host it locally and link to it.

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