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1 Nov 18, 2007 05:19    


Surprisingly for all its strengths, b2evolution's comment handling in the admin panel is quite primitive. Only the last 20 or so comments are displayed on the admin panel and there seems to be no way to browse through older comments.

Also there is no mass management of comments (especially when having to deal with spam).

Can the admin panel interface to manage comments be improved in the next version of b2evolution in order to track all comments on the blog? I think I would appreciate it a lot.

2 Nov 18, 2007 06:34

Now that you mentioned it... yah.

Maybe a new tab that will display only the "comments" like it used to in 1.x. Unless I missed it.

3 Nov 18, 2007 07:44

From memory: this is discussed before, but I can't find the topic. Please help.
I think it's best to stick to one post, especially if you want to attract somebody who can actually do something.

Good luck

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